Why Do Dogs Bark?

Why Do Dogs Bark? Dogs bark. It is part of their normal and natural communication and behavior. Dogs can bark for appropriate and good reasons, such as when strangers approach our house, they hear an odd noise, or they are herding sheep. Most of us want our dogs to be “watch dogs” and alert us [...]

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Brushing your Dog’s Teeth Will Help His Health

We all know that a dog’s breath can get pretty stinky. Brushing his teeth helps with the breath, but it also has an impact on his health! Canine Bad Breath is normally a result of improper dental care. Most dog owners tend to ignore dental care while grooming. Lack of proper dental care results in [...]

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What to do if your Cat Chews

If you’ve got a cat that chews, here are 7 simple  steps to addressing the problem! Check to see if there is a reason why your cat chews: Sometimes cats chew because of a vitamin deficiency. Feed a good quality cat food or check with your vet for supplements. Check with your vet for any [...]

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Common Household Products are Harmful to Pets!

We worry so often about chemicals getting into our food & our kids’ toys, but harmful chemicals are affecting our pets too! A recent study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) shows that cats and dogs carry a much higher “body burden” — the amount of persistent toxic chemicals in the body — than their human [...]

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