What is Your Dog Thinking About?

What Exactly do Dogs Think About? New Research Helps Shed Light

Here I am today, checking out my Google news feed (during lunch, *of course*) and a catchy Wired blog post titled “Brain Scans Give Glimpse of How Your Dog Thinks” catches my eye. The long and short of it, a team of researchers from Atlanta based Emory University have conducted a study to better understand what exactly dogs think about and comprehend.

Leaving aside the small detail of training a dog to lay in an encompassing and loud MRI chamber, and employing earmuffs, we A. love the picture of the dog in the MRI chamber (source: Wired), and B. got thinking about our own dogs and how they interact with us. Sure, maybe it’s our tendency to anthropomorphize (er, humanize) dogs, but amongst their facial expressions, senses of empathy and ability to seemingly read our minds we’d posture to say that dogs can, indeed, understand us and do think about us!

So, what do you think -is your pooch able to relate to you, understanding what you’re thinking and your body language? Or is this simply wishful thinking that’ll have cat people snickering under their breath!?

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