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Plush Donut Style Bumper Dog Beds

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We love how versatile and practical this dog bed is! The structured design of the bumpers provides support for your dog with a clean chic look. The rectangle shape will fit easily in any room.

The center pad is our best-selling Sleep-eez crate pad. One is never enough. Once you try them you'll love that they are

  • 100% Wash & Dry
  • Portable - leave the bed at home, take the pad anywhere
  • Fits Crates and Kennels
  • Protects Sofa - you don’t need to cover the whole sofa
  • Reversible - 2 layers of fill compared to single layer with most non-reversible pads
  • Additional pads available in 9 colors to mix and match

Your dog will absolutely love cuddling up to the bumpers. The ultra-plush cover, bumpers and pad are removable for washing. See below for more details.

Our Bumper Dog Bed is perfect for dogs that like to curl up and snuggle against soft bumpers and provide a great place to rest his chin. The reversible center pad fits crates and is perfect for a road trip!



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Eco-Friendly Bumper Beds

A Donut Dog Bed, the Pet Dreams Way

The structured design of this high quality, designer dog bed provides great comfort for your dog with a clean, chic look. If you're looking for an affordable yet luxurious plush dog bed this is the one for you.

The bumpers provide the comfort and security that dogs love and the rectangle shape will fit easily in any room. The removable center pad has many uses - take the pad anywhere in the car so your dog always has his favorite cushion. Great to use on the sofa or the bottom of your bed and it also fits crates. It's reversible so just flip it when it gets dirty or throw it in the washing machine. Available in chic, designer colors, there's no reason to compromise when it comes to coordinating your dog bed with your décor.

If your dog likes the sofa he'll love snuggling into these pads and it'll keep your sofa clean. It's a win-win!

An Eco-Friendly Dog Bed That Puts Comfort First

Our plush donut bed is eco-friendly: the soft and generous lofty fill is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. You simply won't believe how soft plastic can be! But don't just take our word for it -see for yourself how comfy this bumper dog bed really is.

Whether you are looking for a large dog bed or a small dog bed, this bed will be perfect for dogs that like to nest. Available in four sizes, this dog bed accommodates any size dog that likes to cuddle up or rest their chin on a bumper. Comfort, affordability, and chic design - the Pet Dreams way.

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Date: 5/12/2014
Location: cyprus
Pet name: aisha
Would you recommend this product? yes

new bed

this bed is really akita loves it.excellent quality, I recommend to everyone.



Date: 8/20/2010
Pet name:
Would you recommend this product? yes

 dogs love their new beds..colors match the room decor..thank you



Date: 8/8/2010
Pet name:
Would you recommend this product? yes

Arrived yesterday. New puppy very happy. Great price and items. Thanks.



Date: 7/9/2010
Pet name:
Would you recommend this product? yes

Just gorgeous, so well made, excellent quality, thank you!

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