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Plush Donut Style Bumper Dog Beds

Our Bumper Dog Bed is perfect for dogs that like to curl up and snuggle against soft bumpers and provide a great place to rest his chin. The reversible center pad fits crates and is perfect for a road trip!

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2 in 1 Plush Bumper Dog Beds Provides Your Dog with Comfort & Security and Gives You Lots of Options


Our bumper beds provide your dog with a secure and cozy nest. The front bumper dips in the center to allow senior dogs and pets with medical conditions easy access. The bottom is skid proof to provide traction.

The bonus is the removable, reversible center pad, Sleep-eez, which gives you so many options that one will never be enough. They fit crates and kennels; use it to protect your sofa while your dog enjoys cuddling into this ultra plush pad. We know it’s not easy to take a big dog bed in the car but with the portable center pad, you can just grab and go. If one isn’t enough you can buy additional Sleep-eez pads and mix and match.  You’ll also love how easy they are to maintain, the entire pad goes in the washer and dryer - no zippers or tags.

We at Pet Dreams have carefully selected our color pallet so you will be able to find a bed that compliments your home décor.   We’re proud to give you a luxurious designer dog bed at an affordable price.

At Pet Dreams we're fully committed to producing the highest quality of affordable and comfy dog beds for small, medium, large, and x-large dogs.

Machine Washable
Our bumper bed (donut dog bed) has a zipper all around the bottom of the bed so the bumpers can be removed and both the cover and bumpers are washable. The center pad can be completely washed as well. That's right, a 100% machine washable dog bed!

Environmentally Responsible
The plush bumpers are filled with 100% recycled plastic bottles. We’re doing our part in saving as much landfill as possible. Green, environmentally friendly dog beds - it's the least we could do.

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