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Doesn't your best friend deserve the best dog bed? We certainly think so.


Whether you are crate training a puppy, looking to make your dog crate more comfortable, or searching for an orthopedic bed for a senior dog, we have the crate cover, dog bed and crate pad that's just right for you and your four legged friend.

Based out of New York City, in 1999 Pet Dreams was the first company to design crate covers and dog crate bedding with design, longevity, and comfort in mind. We have set a precedence in the industry for stylish, affordable dog beds, crate pads & mats in a wide range of colors and sizes from extra large to extra small. We even sell dog crates, becoming your one stop shop for all things dog bed related!

Ideal for everything from training to naptime to travel, we're confident you'll find the perfect crate cover or dog bed for you and your deserving pet! Best yet, all our pet beds are designed and manufactured just as much with your home's décor in mind as your dog's comfort and safety.

Made with the highest quality eco-friendly materials it's time to replace those cheap, design challenged dog beds and try a long lasting, affordable and luxurious bed that people love too!

Comfort, durability, and designer style, only with Pet Dreams' exclusive line of dog bedding.